About Us

vaping is life


We are a vape shop located in Decatur, IN and are all about that vape! Our main goal when we were thinking about starting a vape shop was to kick the habit of smoking in our local town. As being vapers our self’s we knew we needed to share this with the community, and let every know that it is a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes. We all know smoking cigarettes can be a hassle sometimes during movies, at the bar, and so on and so forth. Instead of missing out on whats important why not vape and utilize the time you have to do things that matter in your life, instead of having to step away every 30 minutes or so. We know we all went thew it.


We want to be here to inform people who are new the vape community, first how to vape, and then how to vape safe. While also servicing people who have been in the vape community for awhile now. Informing users about the product, instead of just trying to push product out the door is what we are here for.

The vape community is growing every day around the world, and we are so happy to be a part of it! Vape on guys and just remember that Small Town Vapes is here to help you and service you while you kick smoking in the butt.